Having talent or not is equivalent to having or not having privileges.

Everyone’s born with a certain level of capacity and facility. The privileged (both in talent and resources) have an edge or headstart to what comes ahead in life. The talent and resources not put to use will perish away.

The under previleged are at disadvantage compared to the the privileged. But that doesn’t mean they have no right to become privileged through hard work. That’s how all the rags to riches stories go.

Whatever you’re born with is impermanent. It can be improved upon further with planning and practice or get lost within a blink of an eye.

The situation may not seem favourable to the disadvantaged group. But think. Those who lack resources have more room to explore and learn. Surely having resources at hand saves time. But not having them makes you struggle and that struggle makes you resilient.

To sum it up, though the destination is similar for everyone, the paths taken are diverse. Are you the kind of person who prefers to enjoy the journey or taste the victory of reaching the goal?

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