Don’t blame anyone.

True change cannot be accomplished by labeling people, but only by removing those labels through effort.

Pain,shame and isolation are effective ways to bring crude change.For true change,change should come from within.


Science doesn’t have a gender. It only knows knowledge.

Just because a certain gender chose to work dominantly in a field doesn’t mean they are not capable for the other.

Sometimes making a definite choice without regrets is a victory in itself rather than serving at the whim of society and people.


Finding the right career is like finding your soul mate. The odds of you finding one is slim. You may not ever get what is compatible with you the most, yet spend the rest of your life dedicating to the second best.

Keep looking and not give up until you’re satisfied. You are not obligated to aim for the best, but do avoid the worst. And the worst that could happen is ‘regret’.