There is a fine line between freedom and chaos. Why cannibalism is bad for human society? If we put moral ethics aside,we do eat meat of other species then what's wrong with eating human meet? Well simply because it will create more chaos than freedom.More fear than rejuvenation.And more dread than the end of the …


Undergoing treatment should not be seen as a sign of sickness or weakness, it is a way through which people get their life back. Most people avoid treatment due to fear of being exposed. But it takes more guts to accept one's flaws than brag about one's strengths.


There's no end to our needs. Hence the innovation. But for innovation to take place, we need to accept our current state. Unless we do that we won't realise the need for change. Acceptance of present is necessary to move into future.

Greater good

A leader should prioritise the group over the individual. Individual needs are difficult to fulfil or sometimes almost impossible to meet. But if we fulfil the demand of the group, it makes a fair balance for every group member. Compromise for greater good leads to greater sense of happiness than selfish stubbornness ever will.

Moral reason

Pure reasoning and pure morality, separately are a recipe for chaos, but together they are a recipe for harmony. To be too logical means you forget to put your heart out into important things, and to be too stringent about moral you forget that not punishment, but changing the person's mind and heart i.e. teaching …