Game of Thrones S8E1 Breakdown!

The most awaited show of the year is here!

When you feel the chills in the summers,you know something big is about to happen.Now,the fall of humans have begun – we will just have to wait and see which side will flood away – the living or the dead.Your bet?

The GoT theme music never gets old! But this time the fields of the game has changed.We see the broken wall from finale of season 7 leading up to the Last Hearth (Sadly which did not last!)Then comes up the Winterfell.This time not only did we explore the outside but we were taken inside to the main hall (Does anyone know what is it actually called?).Hinting at an internal conflict brewing amidst the beginning of the Great War.The crypts are as still as ever.We catch a glimpse of King’s Landing where our current ruler Cersei resides.With the shot closing in on the iron throne; reminding us that in the end,it is all about who gets to sit on it.Sigh.Why can we just make peace and live happily? But it’s fictional world so it is okay to play around I guess.

The story opens up with a boy running in Winterfell.I really thought that he was in an isolated forest running away from White Walkers.Thanks to him we got to see the Unsullied army arriving in Winterfell.

The first main character we see is Arya.Just like in first episode in season 1 she is watching the crowd with commoners.

The boy previously mentioned climbs up the tree.Well climbing the castle was Bran’s job anyways,but it is good to see him reminding us of the time (S1E1) when Bran could do something awesome like that,though he has powers now.

Amongst the Sullied,riding with the Dothrakis,we see the contender Queen Daenerys Targaryen . We see Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen riding beside her like a king (wink wink!).We see the Hound and Gendry catching up.The facial expressions displayed by Arya were diverse.She covered most of it.Excitement,surprise,love – you name it.We get a shot of Tyrion shooting eunuch jokes at Varys.We see Greyworm and Missandei getting distrusting looks from the cold people of the North.

While Jon reminds Dany that the Northerners don’t trust outsiders,the dragons fly in bringing a smile on her face.Oh! She must be thinking the people don’t need to like me; they just need to see my children and bend the knee.We get weird shots like people running away from dragons even if they are not coming after them,seriously.Arya is clearly impressed.Sansa is in awe trying not to show a lot of emotions like Bran.They are clearly related.

We see Jon looking happy as he sees Bran,while Bran just sports a cool look (nicely done kid!).Jon tries to strike a conversation but Bran is really like ‘meh’.

Can I just say when Dany walks up to Sansa,the people on Sansa’s side just shoot a look at her like they are Sansa’s besties and gossip behind Dany’s back all the time? They kinda always do but this really seemed to me like a college girl fight thing.Conflicts are so interesting to watch.And Sansa is just checking out Dany or her outfit who knows, and metaphorically bends the knee by welcoming the Queen to Winterfell.Dany shows her smooth way with words to Sansa,but Sansa doesn’t care.Dany is not so pleased to meet her.Night king needs to really take a back seat here and see this unfold.Now,Bran just doesn’t know how to break a news.Yeah we know the dragon died.Period.Yes the dead are coming,sure.We will work it out soon.

The discussion is taken to the main hall.We see tiny Lord Umber making a wobbly stand in comparison to Lyanna Mormont who has a sharp tongue like scissors.The girl helped Jon become the King in the North and he stepped down,so her anger is justified.Jon makes a speech to everyone to just chill about the crown and save the people already.Something that people in GoT don’t understand clearly.Tyrion supports Jon’s logic,informing that even the Lannister army will join the cause.Not earning a applause though.Again we see Sansa and Dany clash over food stocks with Jon stuck in middle.Poor Aegon.

Later we see Sansa and Tyrion reminiscing about the old days comparing it to where they are now.Sansa just asserts that Tyrion is foolish to trust Cersei and that she will never send the Lannister army north.We still don’t know what kind of deal Tyrion and Cersei had in season 7.I personally think that Tyrion deep down knew that Cersei wouldn’t cooperate but just for convincing Dany he made her give the speech.I do not believe that it was for betraying Dany but more like tricking anyone available to fight the real fight.Who knows what would Dany have done if Cersei had overtly refused instead of acting with Euron Greyjoy to form a temporary alliance.

We see Jon and Arya finally reuniting.Arya is surely getting the vibes that Jon has changed after meeting Dany and reminds him subtly who is his real family.Well first of all Arya,great mind reading skills and secondly Aegon IS fighting for his family.Both sides of his family.

Next we see Cersei being informed that the wall has been broken.She is not breaking a sweat but a smirk.And also because she can see Euron’s ships in distance arriving with the Golden Company.We catch a glimpse of Yara and Euron having an intense family talk.

After meeting the commander of the Golden Company,Cersei and Euron have an entertaining talk and other stuff(you know what I mean).Bronn is hired by Qyburn to get rid of Lannister brothers,by the orders of Cersei.Bronn has not had promising experiences with Tyrion and Jaime; so he might just agree to play the assassin for the last lioness standing.

So in the next scene we see Cersei drinking wine.Was she lying about her pregnancy all along? I don’t think so.Did she have a miscarriage? Probably.Is she just tricking Euron into thinking that she is not pregnant? Highly likely.She clearly had tears in her eyes as he walked away.Why? Maybe she really did have a miscarriage or she was just sad.Maybe it just reminded her of her unpleasant days with Robert when she had to sleep with him to prove to the world that the child was his.Seems like she still doesn’t have a lot of freedom,even after becoming the ruler of the seven kingdoms.She became a Queen when she married Robert.But later she killed anyone who stood in her way to become the Ruler.She must be afraid of the prophecy not mentioning her having a fourth child.So many lies and fears lurking in the capital as always.

We finally see Theon rescuing Yara.And she gave a hella of thanks to him.It seems like now Theon will head for Winterfell – his real home.

Finally Davos,like a good old daddy,subtly proposes a marriage between Dany and Jon.While Varys just shrugs it off.Tyrion like a good old secret keeper plays along.

We see Jon telling Dany how hateful Sansa can be sometimes.Then they head off to Dragons who barely had 18 goats and 11 sheep to eat a while ago.I don’t really know the standard so I won’t judge.Dany like a good mother checks up on them.But who knew that along the way Aegon will get a short (but heavy) dragon ride practice.Hints of his lineage just show right up everywhere and it is a pleasure to savor them like a true fan.Then they both make out in front of the Dragons.Drogon is not happy.He really has a mother-complex.Or may be he is just trying to learn from Daddy.Jon is the brave one to endure the deadly stare throughout; while Rhaegal just don’t know what to do.He knows incest is cool in their family.

We see Gendry working his butt off like a crazy scientist to make weapons from Dragon glass. Arya and the Hound clash through words.Then we see a sweet reunion of Arya and Gendry.

Sansa and Jon have a talk,with Sansa nudging that Jon loves Dany.Wow! Starks you do some super mind reading.Jeez.Bran is a powerful influence.By the way,House Glover withdrew.Awkward for Jon to explain it all to Sansa.

Dany meets Jorah’s saviour Samwell,but then realizes through their conversation that he is a Tarly,who is unaware of what happened to the other Tarlys.Dany clearly tells him the truth about how she executed his brother and father.Couldn’t sugarcoat such a thing.Sam on verge of tears walks away.Tarly incident was unfortunate.It could have been prevented,but somewhere it just became a display of prowess and submission.

After talking to Bran,Sam goes to the crypts to meet Jon.The biggest secret of Jon’s lineage is revealed.At last.Jon is looking confused throughout and doesn’t know how to react.What is he supposed to do with the truth? He knows that this will complicate things if everyone knew.By the way,when Bran says he is waiting for an old friend,Jaime’s name didn’t click to me.Like certainly old,but his friend? How forgiving you are Bran.What a big heart!

We see Tormund and the Gang at the Last Hearth,seemingly attacked by the wights.They meet the survivors of the Castle black.We see Lord Umber (the innocent kid) hanging off the wall,not long ago killed by the wights.He just wakes up out of nowhere with dead eyes and about to attack Tormund but is killed and burned.The artwork was really spooky.All the survivors decide to hurry back to Winterfell to warn them about the Night king oncoming attack.

Jaime finally arrives at Winterfell.He looks so tired of living.I wonder if he hunted for food with one hand or bought it with money? Yeah it was the money.The Tyrells gave them all the riches.He gazes around and looks pleased.But totally freaks out when he sees Bran who is staring at him.The thoughts that must e running through his mind! Does he remember me? Does he know he is in this state because of me? How in the world did he survive? Jaime is shocked and scared out of his wits; looking ever ready to go back to King’s Landing.He has no idea what is about to happen to him.

Thanks for reading this review! I was so excited about the finale that I just had to write this to vent off that excess energy.

I hope we enjoy the rest of the series together!

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