Mental health

Negative emotion is not a bad thing.

It is a way to express oneself.

The problem occurs when this expression becomes your identity.

16 Replies to “Mental health”

  1. Sound good, but how?
    I think negative factors guide us in future. But at first they do effect us and most of the times impact is not so good.
    I might be wrong so please correct me if i am wrong somewhere.๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. The prefrontal cortex of human brain is the center of cognitive knowledge. It will rationalize the possible impact of negative factors and protect our physical body from dangers and potential loss. If prefrontal cortex is not well-developed, limbic brain may invite to move on bad pathways. In this case, cognitive knowledge is not working and decision is taken on the basis of emotional knowledge. Thanks

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  3. Yeah! But its natural we canโ€™t change whatโ€™s wrong in brain but if every thing is right then we have to learn how to tackle with negative factors. I think its like training our brain.

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  4. Really true.I believe negativity engages you in critical thinking which helps you to improve the situation rather than accepting what is.
    But improvement can only take place once you accept the things as they are.If you don’t then what will you improve upon?

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