6 Replies to “Dislike”

  1. I never fully understood why people would choose to hate someone for being too good. Is it due to disbelief that a person can be authentically good? Is it because the goodness shines too much light on their own misdeeds or shortcomings, and fills them with guilt or anxiety?

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  2. So what’s the solution? Compromise one’s values in order to be more liked? I am a person with no close friends who also happens to be a good person. Perhaps it is due to others’ mistrust of my sincerity? That’s an unwinnable game. :/


  3. I think that you can always find people with similar views.
    There was a time equality was not a norm.Nonetheless certain individuals who believed in it came together and kept their views out together.
    Maybe what you believe in is the best way to live.So don’t compromise.You can’t be friends with everyone.There will always be some critique.

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