Your past doesn’t make the basis for your future.Your present does.

Your past is long gone.It has no relevance today.Your present action will decide your future discourse.

In the past you may have steered the other way but right now,you have the choice to steer it the direction you want.

Your past is powerless against your present.The past is all done,the present decides what is to be done.

So don’t blame your past,just flame your present.

5 Replies to “Guidance”

  1. Well said! But as it is said in the post that “flame your present”, I think that means, to do hard work at present so that in future we don’t have to blame the past. So the point is if the present is cash in hand then don’t only enjoy it but invest to make your future safe. Otherwise after all the money is gone then only one thing will be left to moan about your past deeds.🙂

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