Earning money and status

Earning money and being famous holds both ways.

The more money you earn,the more famous you are.It doesn’t even have to be personal income,charity work can count.

The more famous you are,the more money you earn.Now this is a little tricky.When the fame is used as means to influence,you earn money.But if that knowledge or skill goes unused on a wider scale,you probably stay where you are.

These hidden talents may not be hidden at all.They could be just undiscovered.

So I guess if you want to earn money,you have to focus on being famous.It is just a simple way to say that meet more people,build a network and spread a word about the talents you possess.

You can’t expect people to respect and pay you unless you prove why you should be respected and paid.


You have to face whatever life throws at you.It’s not like there’s a choice.

Even if you turn your back towards your problems,they are gonna keep coming at you.Might as well,look them in the eye and try to solve them.

Problems never go away.They just change forms and appearance.They always stay to remind there’s no escape unless you solve them.

Not everyone is capable of solving every problem.The least you can do is decrease their numbers.The less problems,the less resistance exists to your freedom.

Chosen one

People ask themselves sometimes, why are they the ones who got to do the right thing? Why can’t others do that instead?

Simple answer is that,you understand the difference between right and wrong,you are capable to steer your boat the way you want and you are in control of yourself.Not everybody can do that.

If you can do that you’re already special.If you can do that then you’re the one who can bring change to show others that changes are safe and good.

Cognition & Speech

Just because someone doesn’t speak up doesn’t mean they don’t understand.

Not everything is to be replied to,the alternative is to think over it.

I have seen elders pushing children to be more outspoken.But why nobody encourages children to think more? They can’t speak unless they think,can they? For productive speech,productive thinking is necessary.


Don’t criticise people.Correct them.

It’s so easy to complain than to fix what is causing the complaint.

Don’t just ignore and walk away.If you feel something isn’t right,try to bring a small change at least.Cascade of big changes will come along with you just taking the first small step.

Game of Thrones S8E2 Breakdown!

After the one week wait we are finally here!

Jaime’s fate TBD.

Part 1

The show begins with Daenerys Targaryen and Jaime having ‘THE TALK’.Awkward.

As Daenerys recounts Jaime’s past atrocities and Cersei’s current betrayal,Jaime stands in front of everyone steeled faced with a golden hand to show.

He is way past asking for forgiveness.Whatever he did was to protect his family and he would do it again if he has to.Ballsy move.

Tyrion tries to defend Jaime,but seems like a Lannister advocating for another Lannister just doesn’t roll with enemies.

Sansa also reminds everyone of how Jaime confronted her father Ned Stark and hurt him.But the biggest personal blow is dealt by Brandon Stark/Three eyed Raven quoting “the things we do for love”.This line was said to Bran by Jaime in S1E1 just before Jaime pushed him out of the tower.

Everyone must think that Bran is a crazy talker but the audience knows better that he makes the best quip in cold north.Jaime is officially most terrified of Bran now.Period.

Jaime says that it is all about survival now,a truth that his twin sister just doesn’t get.Lady Brienne vouches for Jaime,narrating her own journey and experience with him.Jaime’s touched.She is too good for him.

Sansa accepts Brienne’s proposal earning quite a look from Daenerys.Jon as always wants more men to fight so he is cool with it too.Daenerys concedes reluctantly.

Tyrion gets quite a earful from Daenerys for his judgment of Cersei.He had it coming.

Part 2

What’s cooking?

Gendry is shown doing some important blacksmith-ing in the forge.No royal people seem a wee bit interested coming down to boost workers’ morale.Human resources,where are you? Well Arya Stark does show up time to time but we all know it’s for Gendry.And of course to collect her order too.A man and a weapon.

She shows up again asking about her weapon.Gendry overtly suggests that she should stay down in crypts where it will be safer.Arya’s pissed of men telling her what to do so she does some interesting dragon knife throwing to demonstrate her skills.Gendry’s impressed.She is fine woman after all.

Arya inquires about the wights but gets a dusty reply from Gendry.It seems like he is not interested in meeting them again.

Part 3

The most awkward bonding in history.

Next we see Jaime approaching Bran in Godswood.Too late for damage control buddy.

Jaime apologizes to Bran.Bran doesn’t accept the apology.Because he is not Bran anymore,is he? Or may be he is still Bran but doesn’t care that the person in front of him crippled him.

Jaime does not understand why Brandon is so chilled about everything he did to him.Bran just says that if he tells everyone the truth,they would kill him before he could fight the real fight.He is not angry at anyone anymore.

Jaime asks him if he will tell everyone after the war is over? Bran asks him in return how does he know there is an afterwards? One of them is definitely going to die in the battle and the other will take the secret to the grave.I wonder who is who?

Part 4

Lions’ meet.

The Lannister brothers meet again! The circumstances couldn’t be more tensed.Everyone around throwing a scornful look at the duo.

Talking about Daenerys,Tyrion backs her up while Jaime is seems skeptical of their relationship.

The conversation moves on to Cersei.Tyrion says that he thought pregnancy will make Cersei take better choices in life,which it didn’t.

Jaime affirms that Cersei has always been good at lying and deception,which we can all agree to.And Tyrion just tells him he is just too much in love with the wrong woman,

While Tyrion is contemplating about death,Jaime is looking faraway at Brienne.What is his intention?

We catch a glimpse of Podrick who has improved a lot at sword-fighting.Or maybe he is looking good because he is picking on a newbie.We may never know.

What’s cooking? Take 2.

Jaime clicks a conversation by saying that Podrick has improved much under Brienne’s supervision.Brienne doesn’t take it to heart.

Jaime asks Brienne about her battle position and she flows in the details.She cuts in middle and asks him what is his deal.He just says that he wants to serve under her command.Brienne agrees to that.

You better not get my Brienne killed on battlefield,one handed man.

Part 5

Old man’s wise words.

Next we see Jorah giving human relations advice to Daenerys.How will that go now?

Ice and Fire.

Power play is implicit in Sansa and Daenerys conversation.They never seem to explicitly acknowledge each other.This shows how bitter family histories can be to spoil new ventures.

Daenerys tries to bond with Cersei but seems that Sansa has built an unbreakable wall around her to keep out the intruders.

They discuss about Tyrion,Cersei and women ruling over others.But the most spicy topic is Jon.

Sansa comes out and says she knows Jon loves Daenerys and she feels that it is affecting his judgment.

Daenerys confesses that her prime goal is to sit on the iron throne.Yet here she is helping the Winterfell survive the Long Night.She says Jon has changed her more than Sansa could know.

Sansa seemingly understanding the situation thanks Daenerys for her help in the war to come.

After Daenerys cracks a joke about Jon’s height,Sansa takes the serious tide asking Daenerys what will happen to North’s freedom after she takes the iron throne? Daenerys is not pleased with the query.

Awaited reunion.

Theon Greyjoy arrives to Winterfell.We seem him meeting Daenerys and Sansa.

Theon tell Daenerys that his sister is free and is on her way to take back the Iron Islands in her name.

He turns to Sansa and says he is here to fight for Winterfell.Sansa’s emotions come pouring out as she embraces him.

They both have a shared traumatic past which seems to have deepened their relationship emotionally.

Part 6

Sweet moments.

We see Ser Davos serving food to common people.Man! You just don’t get to see good times like this in GoT.Gilly is there helping fellow women find their way to crypts.We see a little brave girl promising to protect the people in crypts.

Old group’s back!

We see the Wildlings and Brothers of the Night’s Watch reuniting with Jon and Samwell.

They tell Jon that Night King has already defeated the Last Hearth and Umbers are gone.The White Walkers will reach Winterfell before dawn.

Even in the tense times,Tormund is intensely looking for Brienne.Good pinch of love.

Part 7

The War is upon us.

The strategy meet is on.The aim is to kill the Night King to end everything.

Bran tells everyone that the Night King will first come for him.He can track him with the mark he left on his arm.He wants to kill Bran to erase the world’s memory.

Bran says that he will stay in Godswood to lure the Night King.Theon pledges to protect Bran.

Not to mention,Tormund’s flirtations are good.We all die together.Greyworm and Missandei would disagree.They are already making plans for vacation after the war.

I like the white hairy guy in the back.

So far the only one I am glad to see is Ghost.Survive my boy!

Also it seems like Samwell is restless to get the truth out about Jon being Aegon.

Then Ed arrives and we see a reminiscing Night’s Watch moment.

Part 8

No regrets.
Young love.
Lady Brienne to Ser Brienne.
Mormont moment.
Jorah receiving Heartsbane.
The last get together.
One family.
The Last Love Supper.
I will see you again.

Part 9

The Revelation.

Jon reveals the truth about his lineage to Daenerys.She just can’t seem to accept the truth about Jon.Would you believe Jon if you were in her place?

Will Jon claim his identity or remain loyal to his queen? Will he remain the honorable man Ned Stark made him or embrace his new duty? What would happen when everyone finds out?

There is no time for them to explore these questions or speculate on their answers.The Army of the Dead is upon us.Winter is here.

Death is here.

Weight loss

Calories consumed minus Calories expended if in negative results in weight loss.Simple enough?

Well there is a problem of perception here.Instead of working on latter people work on the former to lose weight.

People starve themselves to reduce the calorie intake and in the process miss out on vital macro & micro nutrients they should be getting from food.

But you can’t blame them.To increase the number of calories expended you gotta exercise a lot and who has time & will to do just that?

Well exercise doesn’t help us lose a lot of weight,at least not as much as we are made to believe.Our BMR or base metabolic rate is responsible for most of the weight loss.BMR is used when you are just surviving really – breathing,sitting,walking,etc – any routine is included.

So have foods which are primarily rich in protein in addition to other nutrition because it takes longer to digest and keeps you full for longer period of time,burning more fat of body in the process.

If you exercise have a pre and post workout meal ready rich in protein and carbohydrates.Pre workout meal should be taken 30 minutes before as a standard and post workout meal can be eaten immediately.Protein will help build muscle mass and carbohydrates will refuel you.

Drinking and bathing in cold water can help you to boost your metabolism and increase weight loss.But drink cold water on empty stomach,not on full because it will hinder the digestion process.

And when I say weight loss I mean you should focus on fat loss rather than muscle loss.Muscles are important to carry out day-to-day activities.Fat is also good to keep body insulated and warm but too much is additional burden.

Most of the weight loss is about dietary changes.Consume fast food just once a week and rest of the week stick to your healthy diet of vegetables,legumes,lean meat,etc.

Don’t consume too many fruits as they are high on sugar.If you consume dairy and meat,make sure to choose the low-fat ones.


You want to achieve a goal? Surround yourself by people who want to achieve similar goals.Energy is contagious.Their wish will flow through you and your wish will flow through them.This transfer of energy is how you will sustain throughout.