Grass always looks greener on the other side.If it's your side everyone wants to burn it down by fooling you into doing it.Just appreciate what you have and work on it for improvement.It just a waste of time to whine about what other people have.It doesn't give you the stuff you want,it just stuffs your …


Those who complain don't bring change. Those who bring change address those complaints. No matter how noble of a choice you make,you will always face some resistance from others. Pay attention to critique to improve your choices and not to demotivate yourself.

My Plan

When people look towards you and expect you to follow the norm,don't look back at them. Just look towards a future in which you tried to be different from the rest with no regrets. It won't guarantee that you'll win or lose but certainly it will let you experience playing by one's own rules.It's your …

Dealing with Stress

How stress affects us depends on our response to it. If we cower in fear and dread,the stress will overwhelm us and destroy us. If we rise and resist the stress,we will eventually break it down before it gets to us.

Real me

One can always use cheap tricks to drag others down and make themselves look superior.But what good will that do? You will betray your own chance of being excellent by eliminating fierce competition and advancement towards growth.