We all have a role to play.Simple or complex.Easy or rough.A unique combination or a straightforward category.

Whatever it is,as actors we have a choice.To either take our roles seriously,bargain for a better one or leave the stage.

The state we are in and state we were in shape our paths.But what we intend to do with that path is our choice.

It is not fair to be born poor or rich.But it is also not fair to complain as long as you can change.This doesn’t lessen the disadvantage but it sure begins a story of a new end.

Some of us were simply born to lose so that others could win.Some of us were not born special because there are others who were bounds to become special.Some of us were not expected to be at the top because that spot’s booked by somebody else.

Whatever it may be,be sure of it,that you were born to live.

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