Creativity does not mean being wrong or different.

Creativity is the capacity to be wrong or different.

Creativity grows bigger and bigger when we start removing restrictions or stop imposing regulations.

Not making a mistake is unoriginal.Everyone strives to achieve that.It’s when we create something original out of our mistakes that we really become creative.


The first step to understanding something is not understanding it.

I would only try to understand something that I don’t know.For what I know I will just assume I know it and won’t critically pursue it any further.

Knowledge evolves through debates and conversations.It isn’t stable,it is ever changing.

To keep up with the change,we need to open our minds to various possibilities or we will be stuck in the middle of the road with nowhere to go.

Sunshine Bloggers Award

Thank you Happiness Buffet for the nomination!

Here’s a link to their site :

I know that these awards go with answering questions and nominating other awesome bloggers,but this time of the year I am busy with a lot of stuff so I am JUST going to answer the questions.No rules to read here!

Thank you Happiness Buffet once again for nominating me.I know this isn’t a proper ‘award’ post,but I would really like to answer the questions you wish to be answered.So here we go!

1.Who or what inspired you to start your blog?

A.To share my thoughts and to learn other person’s opinion on it – is what inspired me to start this blog.There are some ideas that are not to be kept within yourself or in a group close to you.We can only flourish when we let our thoughts flow as far as they can.And what’s the best way to reach everyone around the globe? Internet.Hence,the blog.

2.Which song that describes you the best?

A.I have never found any song of that sort.Or maybe never paid close attention to recognize one.

3.What makes you makes you happy the most?

A.Learning.Any type.Any time.

4.A memory which keeps on playing in the back of your mind when you are low or sad?

A.I just try to play cheerful memories in my head to alleviate the sadness.

5.Favourite place for a vacation?

A.Any new place that I have never visited before.

6.Your idea of a perfect Sunday?

A.To get all of my pending work done! 

7.Your favourite book?

A.Currently it is,
Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard.

8.What is your definition of happiness or a thing that defines happiness for you?

A.I believe sadness defines happiness.Appreciating happiness like it is once in a lifetime event is gold for me.And I believe that most of us appreciate the happy moments more when we have suffered too hard or for too long.

9.If you could change something in this world what would it be?

A.Stop all the ongoing wars – national or international.

10.What gives you immense comfort?

A.That I have lived a great day today.

11.Any fictional character you would wanna become?

A.Character Jee-Han from the Manga named ‘The Gamer’.(Just need a gender swap from a guy to a girl).


Masses can be more easily influenced than an individual.Being in a social group creates a pressure to follow the social norm.Led by authority we forget our true selves and become part of the group.It is important to save your identity.That’s what makes you sane.That’s what makes you human.