Work hard

Pursuing a goal is like a fall through an abyss.

You keep falling,experiencing fleeting moments of light and darkness.

You can only hope to see what you want to see.

You may choose to see the light from the other day.

You may choose to close your eyes keeping yourself in the dark.

You hit the landing only when you choose to stop pursuing your goal.


When trying to learn something new, try to teach the newly-learned concept to someone else.

This helps you to break down the subject into small and fine parts, making it more presentable and interesting to others and to you.

Not only will it help you to understand your answers but also encourage you to ask questions that you never even thought existed.

You may not realise but the question you ask might become the mask of a revolution for years to come.

No regrets

It’s better to let go of an opportunity than make a decision in haste because you can always create more opportunities for yourself but what you cannot do is undo the repercussions of your decision.Both paths will sometimes lead to regret,but the former will give you more time to critically think about your choice than the latter.

You can always construct your own future,but what you cannot do is change your past.Past is a burden that you will always carry with you and future is a plan that can be changed at your discretion,giving you more control.It is when people lose control they fall in despair.

In the end it is your choice to give your life away to something you didn’t truly believe in and hope for the best or have control over yourself no matter how hard times get and hope for the best.