Whatever you do now will stay on forever – as a fact,as a memory,as a meme or as a piece of history.That means you will carry on with you both moments of happiness and sorrow whether you want to or not,until the day you die and beyond.

You cannot avoid sorrow.It will come out of nowhere and smack you hard.But what you can do is suppress your sorrow with your happiness so that you forget that the sad moments ever existed.Just take the stick away and make it less painful.

It’s like pushing the boring tasks to the end of day.It’s like eating the good stuff before anything else.It’s like stacking the boring books under the pile of interesting books.It’s like giving priority to your strengths over weaknesses.It’s like bringing out the best of you leaving all the negativity behind.It’s like finding a purpose and a way true happiness.It’s like finding everything you ever wanted from the beginning 🙂

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