We eat the way we like.We drink the way we like.We sleep the way we like.But sometimes,our idea of satisfaction does not coincide with that of others.If etiquette gets in the way of what we find fulfilling,then maybe it’s not worth the hype.

Making others follow a random rule is much more easier than making them follow a random person.Etiquette is build to bring similarity and cohesiveness in a group because we sometimes don’t know how to act at some point in time.And having a set of rules to follow does ease the way,but it is at the cost of our own individuality.

Instead of adapting to the rules of some long-gone person which we don’t even remember (or know for the fact if we got their name right),why don’t we just adapt to the ways of each other and break the cycle of discrimination? The purpose of using a chopstick is same as using knife & fork which is same as using a spoon and which is same as using hands.Hence,the only way to break through the cycle discrimination is to at least accept the differences even if you don’t want to adopt them.

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