Don’t give up

You’re going to fight many battles in your life.Some you will win,some you will lose.Some you will leave and forget,some you will come back to and regret.The only factor that will remain constant throughout all this is YOU.

What does it imply? It implies that whenever you lose it’s not your fault.It’s something else.Every damn time.

If there was a fault in you then you wouldn’t have won any battle in your life.You would have just kept losing from the beginning.And believe me,you DID NOT LOSE in the beginning.None of us did! The battle we all won (given that you are a human being) is: The odds of you becoming a human being is 400 trillion to 1.Now,I understand you may not be happy with your human being situation when you see a dog chilling in a limo,but believe me if your parents had gone even 1 second late to bed,you wouldn’t have been here reading my post (P.S. Thank you for being here and reading my post).

Don’t blame yourself.Just get up and fight.That’s the only way to win.

4 Replies to “Don’t give up”

  1. Woooow….I so love this write up…. I posted a similar write up to this.
    The weight of the world seem intense on our shoulders each passing day. The world gives us 1001 reasons to give up. But we shouldn’t because what we hope for is just a prayer away

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