Value everyone

Everyone tries to search for their own weakness in the strength of others. And this holds us back from realising our true potential.The fact is,we didn’t progress this far because we’re all the same.

Our diversity is our strength.Good or bad,we carry with us the legacy of our ancestors.They left something behind for us to work on.We will leave something behind for our future generation to think upon.This cycle will last as long as we don’t hold back on sharing our ideas,despite our differences.

We humans have the best faculty and resources of all time.We have achieved so much in a short span of time.We have superseded every species that ever lived.Our instincts shout – “Fight,survive and progress”.And here we are – fighting each other,surviving in fear and still progressing.

We see our differences as threat.We harm each other despite knowing that we all share the same fate.What are we afraid of? What should we be afraid of? I wonder sometimes – if we could progress this far while fighting one another,how much more further we can go while respecting each other.

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