We often listen and talk about helping the ones in need.

How do we get them food? How do we get them education? How do we provide them employment the? How do we make everyone equal?

But instead of trying to bring everyone ‘UP’ why don’t some of us go ‘DOWN’? Why don’t we cutback on our consumption?

Some of us pay to shed some extra kilos and some of us can’t even afford one meal a day.Some of us sit around all day and work and some of us just keep running all day and labour.Some of us go to professional doctors for minor illnesses and some of us just go to sleep thinking the ailment will just go away without paying any bills.

Some of us have so much but yet are not happy and some of us are just happy with one’s existence.

There’s an inequality of physical and mental rest among all of us because there’s an inequality in the the things we consume everyday.

So why don’t we start sharing or giving up? Keep with us what we want and give away what we don’t need? What’s the reason of our defeat even if we are all on the same team of humanity?

Because not only we buy things to fulfil our needs but also to satisfy our ego.Grow our power.To be the respected.

But what’s its worth if it can’t even save others?

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