If we focus more on what unites us rather than what divides us,

if we focus more on what binds us rather than what separates us,

if we focus more on what pushes us towards being one rather than being pulled away to be spread out,

We can build a word where no one will live in fear.


Which way should you go in life? It depends on where you currently are.

You can’t just jump from being nothing to being everything. There are intermediate steps that need to be followed.

What are those intermediate steps are? It depends on the path you take. Some journeys are long, some are short, with their own cost- benefit analysis.

Theory vs. Application

While teaching one can show the application of the theory first, and then build the theory leading up to it.

Simple application serves as a better anchor than theoretical jargon to apply thinking and creativity.


Exposing the children to both good and bad of the world, allow them to decide their own future. You don’t lay down answers, but make various paths for them to walk on. If we keep hiding what’s bad, they will be more intrigued by the bad, and begin taking good for granted.

A rational argument would always favour the good. So no need to hide the bad. Let it come in front and perish on its own. Keeping it in the dark will only give it time to strengthen.